Aussie Rugby Offers Tribute To Hughes

The tragic news of Hughes’ demise was not only saddening for the Australian cricket team but for the entire sports sector of Down Under. Along with the Baggy Greens, the Aussie rugby too came up with their tribute to the late young cricketer earlier this month.

Australian rugby team players put out cricket bats in the memory of Hughes at Dubai Sevens & produced a stellar power play that definitely made their country, even amidst the mourning ambience for a premature death all over.

When the Australian national rugby women squad lined up ahead of the world series finale against the Kiwis, they had bats along with. It echoed their heart-felt tribute to late Australian cricket player Phil Hughes. Albeit the women side succumbed to a sad final-play loss yet their male counterparts maintained hopes of 1st Dubai title thanks to their 3 great triumphs in the pool play.

The team signed off at the inaugural day of world series challenge by beating the English rugby team before a bustling gallery of 44,000+ people at Sevens.

Erstwhile volleyball player Pama Fou & NZ-born Fa’alava’au (Allan) scored tries in the 12-5 win by Australia. They too came up with cricket bats as a tribute to Hughes.

The team coach Geraint John shared that the team had discussions on how to pay fitting tribute to Hughes.

“We had discussions on it and decided to come up with cricket bats & black armbands”, stated the Welshman. John has been coaching the Wallabies for 5 months now.

“We decided to do that since it’s not only the Aussies who have paid their tributes to the young talent but also sports personalities from all across the world. It was a duty for us & it’s the 1st time that we could come up with our performance since his death.”