Australia an Easy Fish to Fry

Given that the Australia rugby team is their opponent, England seems to be at peace like never before. According to the coach of the British Rugby team (Lions), Warren Gatland, Australia can be defeated any time if compared with New Zealand and South Africa.

The reason why it is so easy for them to declare the team as weak is that the previous month the Wallabies had to kiss the field goodbye too soon against France who smashed them by a 33-6, and then there were the English rugby team, the Italian rugby team and the Wales rugby team that almost outshined them though the team came out victorious against them in a few matches.

Although the Australia rugby team managed to win against England in their last match, Gatland is optimistic about vanquishing the wallabies any time because he feels that his team has a reputation that is not made up. Lately, Australian team has been suffering with their performance. However, they have brought in two new players recently with whom they think the things are going to change for the better.