Dai Young Admits That Their Game Wasn’t Up To The Mark

Dai Young has said that despite winning, his side’s performance was not up to the mark. Two tries were scored by tom Varndell and James Gaskell and Rob Miller each scored a point. The team won a bonus point and moved up to the fifth place. Their overall performance though was good enough to win them the match; it wasn’t an overall good performance. Young said that some parts of their game was “messy” and they appeared “shaky” at times, he admitted that they provided opportunities for their opponents to score which they utilized. He further added that team Newcastle was very hard to defeat and as they fought with all their might till the end of the match, they deserve all the glory. But the only thing that made Young satisfied was that his team was able to get a bonus point in this game.
The only outstanding performer in the wasps team was Ashley Johnson. He was the person who provided passes that scored tries twice.
Young said that Ashley deserved to be the man of the match. His performance for the whole season has been outstanding.
Newcastle struggled very hard all through the match but they were only able to manage two tries due to the efforts of Ruki Tipuna Juan Pablo and Rory Clegg.
Newcastle lost for the 20th consecutive time I this tournament but Richards still holds that his team is making improvements.
He said that they lost the game for making individual faults way too much, and it cost them dearly. He further added that in the last season all they wanted was to avoid being relegated and they succeeded at their aim though they were only able to score a tie in their first five to six games. But in this season they are scoring a number of tries and it is a significant improvement and might be able to bring them to a better position than they were before.