The Australia rugby team might be hungry for success and fame, but Australian Rugby Union Chief Bill Pulver has warned them that it is not so easy, and that they must be realistic in their goals.

Pulver has really taken over the rugby scene in Australia, and he plans to bring about many changes in the Australia rugby circuit. His first initiative is to come up with a third tier, which will have all the elite players, and will provide a better chance of success for the national team.

And after Ewen McKenzie was appointed the head coach of the Australia rugby team, Pulver was really thrilled. But even he knows, and has even stated that coming out on top in the upcoming championship will be quite a bit of a challenge for the team.

They will be facing off against South Africa and New Zealand, and both of these teams are big guns in the rugby world, and taking them down will be a gargantuan task indeed. And not only these two teams, the Australia rugby team will have to lock horns even with the Argentineans, and they are a team who keep on improving at their game without any stoppage.

But Pulver is very excited with the prospect of all these teams head to head against each other in the championship, and he said in an interview that he obviously wants to win the Rugby Championship and the Bledisloe Cup. But both of these games will be quite tough, and just because they want to win does not mean that they easily will be able to. The coach is a brilliant one, the team looks promising, so hopes are raised, and there is every chance that the Australia rugby team will come out on top with a win in both games.