Welsh and Pro12 teams in Super Rugby

Andrew Hore, a New Zealand born rugby administrator, believes that Welsh as well as Pro12 rugby squads could one day be a part of the Super Rugby elite in an elaborated contest.

Andrew, who was the Crusaders’ trainer one time, is leaving his job as Welsh club Ospreys’ chief executive to become the Waratahs’ new Chief Executive Officer in Sydney.

He fears that the Pro12 that features the Ospreys as well as other teams from Scotland, Italy, Wales and Ireland,, is in danger of leaving behind other Euro contests – England’s Aviva Premiership as well as France’s Top Fourteen as their considerably stronger financial sinew – and later on further the gap between the northern as well as southern hemisphere.

Hore, who has earlier worked for the New Zealand and Welsh rugby unions in high performance roles, thinks that a radical shake up is needed for Pro12 to survive, along with something which is uniquely different to the contests in France and England – and something that could increase Pro 12’s TV appeal.

Speaking to Sunday Times, Hore told that he could not see any deal being overtly great unless they are prepared to change their structure to give television something. The important thing is, what is it their supporters and television companies want that would make a different and valuable proposition, uniquely different from the Premiership and Top 14. They have to bring in a new product around them instead of stagnating and staying with tradition.