Cooper Returns To The Queensland Reds

Quade Cooper has signed a deal for 3 years with the Queensland Reds. This deal will entitle him to stay in Australian Rugby Union through to the World Cup in 2019. The 28 year old rugby players had given his consent to the Rugby Union of Australia many weeks ago.

This made him to come back to the Wallabys as he mulled on offers from the Melbourne Rebels and the Reds. But, Cooper expressed his interest on one particular destination. He said there is no better place than Ballymore as he spent his best days of life here with family and friends. Cooper has spent more time in Ballymore than at his home.

As he looked at his life to figure out what was the most important thing he wanted to do, it was the club that brought him back to the top. When he looks ahead, he realizes that he has a team with good people and a new coach. On the back of his move, the bookies made Queensland one of their expert betting tips for the upcoming season, with many recognising that they have the strength in depth to compete now.

A whole lot of things are happening and Cooper is so excited to be a part of everything. Cooper is the best thing and his signings should make the team come back as a strong force after many non attempted seasons.

The captain Stephen Moore and George Smith are in terms to take part in Queensland. The squad is inclusive of numerous wallabies like Taniela Tupou and Andrew Ready. As per Coach Nick Stiles, the achievement of championship title happens when there are quality people in the squad.

Hence, with the return of Quade Cooper in the squad, the coach is fully assured that the best quality is added to the team. The best thing that the coach likes about Cooper is that he is a good competitor and hence such competitors are required to win championships. Well, let’s hope that Cooper keeps up his good work and shows his best rugby performance.