The Australian rugby union and the Australia five Fx Pro Super Rugby franchise has decided to come up with an event on the 18th of this month, where enthusiastic rugby fans get to meet their heroes.

The initial inauguration day will be held on the 1th of this month. The event is scheduled to be held at the University of Canberra.

Each individual can sign up with any of their local club and get to play alongside some of the finest rugby players. They can go around taking autographs from their stars all throughout and also participate in the various activities and skill sessions that have been arranged.

This event has been much awaited for and it sure hopes to be a success if it is well coordinated by the Australian rugby team. They have managed to excite the crowd and hope for a large gathering, but if things don’t go out smoothly it might end in certain events getting scrapped and withdrawn due to safety and security measures. The show will be put up this Saturday at various locations of the city across different timings with a slot of 3 hours each.

Thus it helps people to attend the event at different venues instead of having all the fans crowd up at one single place. It helps in bringing about a more systematic form of proceedings as the number of people in each of these events will be considerably reduced.

These are certain strategies kept in mind to ensure that there is fair representation for each and every Rugby fan and the Australian rugby association has kept every detail in mind before coming up with the plan fixture. Let’s hope everything turns out as planned and eventually ends up in a huge success.