Rugby’s Future In Australia

Australia has long enjoyed a strong position when it came to rugby in the international scenario.

However, things do change and it is important to change strategies in order to keep up with the changing times. Last year England turned tables as they were able to succeed against Australia repeatedly, which has definitely put a dent in the confidence of the Australian team. Today there is more insight being gathered about the sport and its future in the country. There are studies that suggest that rugby might be on the path of decline from what it has been in the country.

Recent studies indicate that rugby is 26th in rank among popular sports in the country. There are many factors that are taken into consideration when ratings are done and one of them is attendance of fans at these matches, which has become incredibly low over the years. The number of players who sign up for the game has also dwindled, which had become 55000 as about 93000 have given up the sport over a time span of fifteen years.

There has been a rise in interest in games like football where about 623000 have been playing the round ball code. Other games that have gone down in popularity are billiards/snooker and pool games as well as ten pin bowling or squash.

It might be time that Super Rugby series and the organizers take account of such facts as a new structure is being formed for the series. Some of the teams who play for Super Rugby such as Brumbies, Force and Rebels are also set to be axed from the series. Hence, the game is set for some unpleasant changes and it is hoped that it will not adversely affect the players or the fans. After all, the glorious fate of the country in the game in the recent past cannot be forgotten.